EW recently ran a feature on the 50 Best Movies You’ve Never Seen.

First off: Kinda presumptuous, you guys — how are you to know which movies I haven’t seen? Are you keeping track of my Netflix history?

Oh — you are. That’s what that click-to-accept thing meant.

Okay. Well. That indie movie I sort of fast-forwarded through, only stopping when I saw bare skin, that was research for a movie on sad people.

Anyway, I was a little disappointed you left off The Nines, because it certainly meets the criteria of being highly praised and little-seen.

Fortunately, your readers wrote in and got you to pay attention:

ew nines blurb

And while you rightly praise the much-more-famous-now Ryan Reynolds, let’s not overlook Emmy-winner and Oscar-nominee Melissa McCarthy, along with Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer. Plus Oscar winner Jim Rash — sure, it was for writing, but it counts.

This movie has all of these people, plus Elle Fanning and telepathic koalas! (spoiler.)

So if you’ve never seen it, what more can I do to convince you?

We’re streaming on Netflix this month.

If you’re a Amazon Prime member, you can even watch it for free.

For international readers, we’re in iTunes almost everywhere.

My dream is that the next time EW does this kind of list, they’ll omit The Nines simply because too many people have seen it.