Frankenweenie opens this weekend — there are midnight shows tonight in the U.S. — so I’ve spent the past few weeks answering questions about the movie from bloggers and journalists. These writers have the advantage of access: they get advance screenings, scheduled interviews and roundtables.

But now that the movie is opening wide, I’d love to answer questions from folks who bought a ticket.

If you have a question after seeing Frankenweenie this weekend, there are two good ways to ask:

  1. Tweet me. I’m @johnaugust. Simple answers might get an immediate reply. Longer answers will go here on the blog.

  2. Ask on YouTube. On Monday, I’ll reply on video to questions that come in. It’ll be like a post-screening Q&A, but without that one annoying guy who rambles on without actually asking a question.

To ask a video question, you can reply to this video:

(To leave a video reply, begin as if you’re leaving a text comment, then use the ‘Create a video response’ link. Or just click here.)

Hope you like the movie.