UPDATE: 50 readers have already written in. Don’t let that stop you, but it will take a few days for me to catch up.

The First Person articles on the blog are always popular. Readers like hearing from folks in nearly the same boat as them.

To date, most of the First Person posts have come from white just-post-college guys. While that’s a huge chunk of the aspiring screenwriter demographic, we’re sorely lacking some diversity, not just in background but ambition.

So consider this an open call for all of the following, or similarly under-represented situations:

  • Young women directors.
  • Dating/married writing teams.
  • TV writers going out for staffing.
  • Producer/writer/story editors working in reality TV.
  • International writers trying to work in Hollywood.
  • People working in VFX/animation transitioning to writing.
  • Writers who participated in a studio/network diversity program.
  • Writers who recently won a prestigious award (like the Nicholl, or a Student Academy Award).

I’m looking for the perspective of folks on the first few rungs of the ladder. Success stories are great, but struggling-at-the-moment stories are often more helpful.

If you’re considering writing up a post, drop me a note (ask@johnaugust) with a few sentences about your situation. I’ll pick a few to run over the next couple of weeks.