Better than the first. Easier, certainly, since there wasn’t the panic of the unknown. I stayed at Paramount, half the time at the main gate, half the time at the smaller Gower gate. It was a very chanty day, but I was in the mood. One of the more popular ones from Gower gate:

I don’t know but I been told,
Sumner Redstone’s made of gold.
Makes his money off our sweat,
Won’t pay us for internet.

I don’t know but some folk say,
Paramount is late to pay.
Why we marching at this gate?
We got screwed in ’88.

Writers seen: Aline Brosh McKenna, who brought Astroburger for the crew; John Gatins of The Nines, hitting two studios in a day; We Are Marshall’s Jamie Linden, with whom I swapped McG stories; fellow Heroes: Origin refugee Michael Dougherty; and a drum-toting Angela Robinson. There was also the writing team, the kids’ book writer who was also on Alias (“season three, the bad one”), and a half-dozen other folks I only met by first name.

Other famous faces: Mary Hart of Entertainment Tonight, Mark Steines of the same, Dr. Phil, and Blair Underwood, who Aline got to pose for a picture. It was a very iPhone-heavy picket line. I taught several people the iPhone camera trick. (The camera takes the picture when you release the button, so hold it down while you’re framing, then let up to “snap.” Greatly increases the odds of actually getting what you want.)

On that topic, there are a lot of great photos from the strike up on Flickr.

I’ll be back at Paramount tomorrow, if any readers care to join.