questionmarkI am an aspiring writer/director who works for a major studio in LA — nothing too exciting, just an entry level position. But, the job allows me to run into people who might be able to help me along the way.

Just tonight, I struck up a conversation with a woman who just so happens to represent the writer of the TV show at which I was working. I said that I was a writer. She then handed me her card and said that she’d like to read my scripts. I can imagine that she probably hands out her card to many aspiring actors, but I figure since she did tell me to send her myself, I might as well. How should I go about that? What should I include in the letter that I attach to the script?

— Ryan
Los Angeles (originally from Michigan)

That sound you hear is the collective gasp of one thousand readers wishing they had your luck.

Pick your best script, the one that everyone likes. Write a short letter that says basically, “I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday at WHATEVER SHOW. I promised I’d send you my script, and I’m a man of my word. Attached is TITLE OF MY SCRIPT, a GENRE set in LOCATION that a lot of people seem to like. Here’s hoping you do, too.” And be sure to include your phone number or email, both on the letter and the script (in case she loses the letter).

Hurry, man! Run! Don’t waste a day and risk her forgetting who you are.

And let us know what happens.