In the share-the-love category: A growing number of writers have websites and/or blogs that you may want to check out for more information and opinions about the craft, the business and the unreality of screenwriting. Here are a few worth perusing:

  1. Lee Goldberg has written extensively for television, and also has several novels to his credit. I haven’t read his book Successful Television Writing, but clicking through the first few pages (thanks, Amazon), I’d say he seems to know what he’s talking about.

  2. Ask Dr. Hollywood is a question-and-answer site, much like Because it’s structured as a series of very long pages, it’s not quite as reader-friendly, but the advice is helpful.

  3. Complications Ensue is a blog run by Montreal-based writer Alex Epstein, who authored the book Crafty Screenwriting. Again, I haven’t read his book, so caveat emptor. (Or for library patrons, caveat lector.)

  4. Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott’s Wordplayer has been in the sidebar forever, but in case you haven’t clicked it, you should definitely check it out. They’ve been dispensing useful advice for years. They also have open forums, which I’ve never been brave enough to try.

  5. The Artful Writer is a new site aimed at already-working screenwriters. I actually spoke with its owner, Craig Mazin, on the phone while wife was in labor. He had questions about Movable Type and CSS. Now that’s dedication.