Given Dreamweaver and a couple of free days, pretty much anyone can put up a website. The more difficult thing, I’ve realized, is keeping it updated. To that end, I’ve been using Movable Type, the remarkable blogging software sent down from Heaven. With Movable Type, it’s easy for me to add short articles like this, or new Question-and-Answers.

The problem is that Movable Type works fundamentally differently from the rest of the site. It insists — quite reasonably — on storing articles in places where it can find them. When Google’s indexing-spiders visits the site, they store these locations rather than ones I might prefer. So a person searching for “Big Fish script” gets taken to an ugly article entry that in no way resembles the rest of the site.

No longer. Over the weekend, I updated the templates so that you get the standard navigation bar throughout the site. Hopefully, everything feels consistent, although on deeper level, there’s still two different systems at work. You’ll notice that new Q&A’s have comments; old ones don’t. Archives should show properly. Also, articles now list their permalinks. This is the address you should use if you want to link from another site.

Please leave a comment if you find broken links, or things that don’t work as expected.