I want to know how hard it is for an unknown writer to get a television show idea produced.

–Matthew Pizana

Almost impossible.

"Almost" is the key word here, because it could potentially happen if you were to partner up with a more experienced producer who would have the connections and clout to get the financing (i.e studio) and the distribution (i.e. network) to get the show made and aired.

Or, you could do it all by yourself.

Friends of mine who were not directly in the film/TV business had a very good idea for an unusual spin on the sitcom format. Knowing that words alone wouldn’t be able to convince someone to make the show, they went out and assembled a cast, a crew, and shot a sample episode of the show by themselves. It turned out fantastic. I took the finished tape around to a lot of different TV people, and my friends got many meetings from interested buyers.

But in the end, no one bought it, and my friends were out a lot of money.

I tell you this cautionary tale not to discourage you — hard work is often rewarded, and handsomely. But even the best ideas are very difficult to pull off.