I was wondering, do you read reviews of films you’ve worked on? When you’re in a bookstore, do you go to the film section and check out how many stars Maltin or Ebert have given the films?


Thanks to the Internet, not only can I read what Maltin and Ebert say about my movies, I can find out what the Pioneer Press and the Times of London thought. And yes, I read them obsessively when the movie comes out, to the point where I’ll be at my computer from midnight until 2:30 a.m. reading the Friday morning reviews online, before the papers are even printed.

In addition to the "Reviews" links on IMDB, I love Rotten Tomatoes because it gathers the reviews from thirty or forty different sources. I also read the "User Comments" section on IMDB, and sometimes the various be-your-own critic sites.

Honestly, my fondness for reading reviews is more a function of pride than vanity. I don’t get excited reading my own name, but rather seeing what someone thought of my baby. And of course, my attachment varies based on my involvement. For GO and CHARLIE’S ANGELS, I was a veritable soccer mom. TITAN A.E., on the other hand, was like a friend from summer camp you were never sure you’d see again.