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Craig and John ret-con the Austin Film Festival, placing themselves on panels in which they didn’t participate. It’s a chance to give the answers they would have given without the bother of being asked (or listening to other people’s opinions).

For example, Terry Rossio’s seminar on “The Throw” — his term for how you end a scene — was presumably terrific. We didn’t attend, but it’s fun to spitball what we would have said about this interesting and under-discussed aspect of screenwriting.

Other topics discussed this week include:

  • Setiquette
  • Kyle Killen’s secret shower
  • Videogame storytelling
  • Amazon Studios
  • Pilots vs. presentations

Happy Halloween, everyone. Stay safe and dry.


You can download the episode here: AAC.

UPDATE 11-2-12: The transcript of this episode can be found here.