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Who the hell are you?

I'm a 26 year-old screenwriter living in Los Angeles. I was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. I went to school at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa for undergraduate, where I majored in advertising. After that, I went through the USC Cinema School (Peter Stark Producer's Program) for my MFA.

What's with the goatee?

I haven't had one in over a year now. There was a decidedly split reaction among my friends over how it looked, and I for one was ambivalent.

Is it all just to compensate for your lack of hair?

Yes. I describe it Anthony Edwards hair.

So what have you done?

I wrote a script called "Go" which sold to Banner Entertainment in June, and is now in pre-production. The blurb in Daily Variety described it surprisingly well:

"Set in contemporary Los Angeles over a 24-hour period, the screenplay chronicles the interwoven misadventures of a supermarket check-out girl, a transplanted British drug dealer and two fledgling actors." (Daily Variety, July 10, 1997)

Over the last three years, I've also adapted two novels into screenplays:

HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMS by Thomas Rockwell, which is about a kid who makes a bet to eat fifteen worms in fifteen days. As of March, it has a director and is waiting for a greenlight at Universal.

A WRINKLE IN TIME by Madeleine L'Engle. The story is about a girl who has to travel to another dimension to save her scientist father. It is set up at Miramax, where it's in a holding pattern as they decide if and how to make it. It will be very expensive.

Any kids?

No, but I have a dog named Jake.

photo of dog

Jake is a two year-old pug. They are an ancient Chinese breed which you can read about at the Pug Homepage. I got him through the Little Angels Pug Rescue, which operates in the L.A.-Pasadena area. They are sweet people who deeply deeply love pugs, but they can be a bit fanatical in that Saturn-owner kinda way.

Where do you live?

What are you, a stalker?

During the opening titles for "Melrose Place", you can sometimes see the edge of my street. My friend Elizabeth says you have to pass a coolness test just to live in my neighborhood.

Man, did I cram.

Why do you update your pages so infrequently?

Simply to aggravate you.


Didn't your pages used to be more colorful?

Yes, but I stripped out the frames because I sometimes use Nethopper on my Newton MessagePad, which really makes you appreciate the beauty of simplicity. This latest redesign was done with Adobe SiteMill and PageMill 2.0, a bargain at $49.



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