UPDATE (3/18/2015): We now have plenty of playtesters for March 23rd. We’ll be sorting through them and letting folks know if we have a spot for them by Saturday. If you’d like to sign up for possible future playtests, you can fill out the form below. Thanks!

My team and I have come up with a new game that we can’t stop playing. We play it when we should be working. We play it with friends and family. We play it a lot.

Now we need some other people to play it, to confirm it’s as fun for other people as it is for us. We also need to make sure the How to Play instructions make sense, and that it feels balanced.

So we’re inviting 30 people to playtest with us on Monday, March 23rd, from 9pm to 10:30pm in Los Angeles. We’ll be at a location in Hollywood or Mid-Wilshire.

Fill in your info below if you’d like to join us. We’re looking for a mix of experience levels, so please be honest. We’re as likely to need neophytes as tabletop veterans.

Tell us about yourself

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If we pick you, we’ll let you know by Saturday, March 21st.

There might be more than one playtest, so even if you’re not picked for the first round, don’t be surprised if we inquire again later.