Final Draft and WGA registration

On their website, Final Draft claims to be the preferred format for WGA registration. But that doesn’t gibe with the WGA’s own site.

Fountain 1.1 — “Use The Force”

Proposed changes in Fountain 1.1 focus on letting users force Lyric, Character and Action elements.

Final Draft, software and people

Final Draft reports abusive calls and emails that may have stemmed from Craig’s recent tirade on Scriptnotes. This is not okay at all.

Final Draft’s Reformat dialog box

Final Draft has long had a Reformat dialog box. I’ve long hated it. For Version 9, Final Draft made small revisions: Can you tell which is the old one and which is the new one? Hint: In the new one, there’s no space between the bracketed letters.

Why I like writing in Fountain

For the past 18 months, I’ve been doing all my new writing in Fountain rather than a heavyweight screenwriting app. I love it. I made a screencast to explain why it’s better.


Final Draft emailed me to recommend an alternate workflow to convert a screenplay PDF to FDX.

Taking notes

Craig leads the discussion on how to survive a notes meeting. As screenwriters, our instinct is to defend, deny and debate — but these are almost always the wrong choice. By reframing the discussion about the movie rather than the script, you can often end up at a better place.

Final Draft Reader’s limited view

Final Draft has released a new version of Final Draft Reader, adding support for iPhones to their heretofore iPad-only app.

Writing screenplays with Scrivener and iA Writer

A reader named Gerry wrote in to share his screenwriting workflow using Fountain, which includes Scrivener, iA Writer, Dropbox and Highland.

Falling in love with plain text

Stu Maschwitz explains how blogging led him to fall out of love with as-you-type formatting and embrace plain text.

Fountain, 10x faster

Nima Yousefi has released an optimized code base for Fountain that’s ten times faster.

Getting to page one

On the 41st Scriptnotes, John and Craig discuss screenwriting software, knowing when to start, and the Game of Thrones finale. But before moving on to new business, they update us on two topics of podcasts past.

Say hello to Highland

Our new screenwriting utility, Highland, converts between three major formats screenwriters use: PDF, Fountain and Final Draft. It’s in beta today.

Convert old Final Draft files, in five clever-but-tedious steps

A reader writes in with a clever workflow for opening old .fdr files without the full version of Final Draft. But it’s a laborious pain in the ass.

Introducing Fountain

Fountain lets you write screenplays in any text editor on any device, from computers to iPads to smartphones. It’s as simple as we could make it, which is what makes it so useful.  

Final Draft and Lion, friends again

With Mac OS X Lion due any moment, Final Draft has released version 8.0.2, which should allow it to launch under the new OS.

Final Draft won’t work under Lion

Last week, Final Draft sent out an email to customers warning them not to upgrade to Lion until FD releases a free update.

Startups and slippery facts

Since I was name-checked twice this interview from the top-ranked Wharton School of Business, I feel some responsibility to point out a few fallacies and follies.

Final Draft update adds highlighting, quicker PDFs

Final Draft adds a few useful features.

Adobe Story, an early look

A quick look at Adobe Story, the new screenwriting application from the Photoshop folks.

Final Draft 8, briefly

Final Draft 8 is largely identical to FD7, with some better chrome. If you’re happy with FD7, the addition of a fairly useful navigator and a new XML file format may or may not be enough reason to upgrade.

WEHT Sophocles?

A reader from Belgium writes: I am a dedicated user of Sophocles. Indeed, my new film, its breakdown, call sheets, budget and whatnot have been generated with that software, which I find the best, most complete, film-minded and reliable that I have ever used (and I used or tried about everything that is out there […]

The Unnecessary General

In Final Draft, what do you use the “General” element for? The manual describes its function negatively, saying only that it’s for whatever doesn’t fit into the other elements. Personally, I haven’t found a use for it yet and was wondering what the pros use it for. – Richard Budd As far as I know, […]

Title page trouble with Final Draft .pdfs

Reader Josh C wrote in with one solution to a problem that’s been frustrating me for months. When you want to save a script as a .pdf, Final Draft won’t always include the title page. It’s frustratingly inconsistent. The obvious workaround is to save the title page as a separate file, which is what I’ve […]