Story and Plot

What’s the difference between Hero, Main Character and Protagonist?

Mostly the main character is all three. But the terms apply to separate functions in the story.

Theory #1

Predictability in structure does not necessarily doom the story to boredom or sameness.

The difference between homage and rip-off

An “idea” is essentially unprotectable. What is protectable is the execution: the plot, the characters and all of the details.

Elephant and Columbine’s actual events

A question of fair use in the treatment of tragic events.

Original films

Hollywood is making a lot of bad movies, but Hollywood has always made bad movies.

Choosing character names

Matching the right name to the character while keeping them distinct from one another.

Theory #2

Why do movies suck?

My idea’s been stolen

Paramount has just bought a project that sounds horribly similar to yours? Remember that there’s a vast chasm in scriptland between being bought and being made.

Similar plotlines

Be happy you also thought of a great, marketable idea and move on.

Story first, then characters

Taking the “character driven story” idea too literally can derail your story.


Theme defined. Its function explored.