Film Industry

Subtitled success stories

Somewhat remarkably, the top two movies in America have subtitles. Lots and lots of subtitles.

Are studios open on Saturdays?

It’s the wrong kind of question, but you don’t know that at the start.

Setting is not story

An LA Times article about the island of Pagasa makes a great case study in the difference between an interesting setting and an actual movie idea.

Playing to the core

Brian Lowry cautions against [taking Comic-Con buzz too seriously.

Cablevision and the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal on the Cablevision case, allowing the Second Circuit Court’s decision to stand. Cablevision can begin introducing its service.

Per-screen average

Indies have high per-screen averages because they’re on so few screens, not despite it.

When is it brown-nosing?

Any sort of application, whether it’s for a grant, for college or for a job, needs to do exactly three things.

Learning story as a director

Film is a hundred different skills and disciplines, and no one person is going to be great at all of them.

The only one who has seen the movie

At a screenwriting panel last week, Robin Swicord said something that reframed the issue in a very helpful way.

What does a showrunner’s assistant do?

Jonny Sommers has a job many readers want — or at least, think they want: the assistant to a successful and busy TV showrunner.


I flew up to Oakland yesterday for lunchtime lecture and Q&A at Pixar. And wow. It’s really nice up there.

Kurtzman and Orci on Trek and writing together

Story lessons from Star Trek, from the mouths and minds of the writers.

What does “execution dependent” mean?

What makes one high-concept idea more execution-dependent than another?

Not great news at Blockbuster

They filed with SEC, noting “substantial doubt” about their ability to continue.

Redbox, video and economics

An article about Redbox, whose kiosks rent DVDs for a dollar a day, isn’t quite the beacon of doom it’s made out to be.

Should I write a straight-to-DVD knockoff?

Don’t turn up your nose to actual paid writing for a company that makes movies.

Why do LA people suck?

Is one reader’s frustration indicative of the Hollywood culture, or specific to him? Likely both.

Cams, rips and release dates

I’ve been asking around to find more information about studios’ anti-piracy efforts.

Tony Gilroy in The New Yorker

The New Yorker has a terrific piece about screenwriter-director Tony Gilroy.

Raiders story conference

Lessons on screenwriting in action, straight from George, Steven and Larry.

What should I do in a general meeting?

Taking generals: how to turn a get to know you meeting into paid work.

Movie speak

Terms that will save you some embarrassment on set, unless — writer — you start throwing them around like you know what you’re talking about.

Notes on the state of the industry

Matt gives the full report from a WGA panel about the film industry.

Script to greenlight panel

WGA hosts a panel and Q&A on studio feature development.

Nice to meet you. Again. Maybe.

The Kevin Williamson Problem, explained.