The Nines, recut

An editing class will recut The Nines from scratch. Final film unseen.

When friends read your script

You need good readers. Here’s how to choose and keep them.

In other news

USC Film School getting a whole new set up. The spoiled bastards.

What does he want?

Often, the best answer is the simplest: something physical and achievable.

Advice for terrible writers

Confronted with a bad script, step back and ask the right questions.

From Russia with Questions

What are the pitfalls for a foreigner trying to break into Hollywood?

2007 Insomnia Film Festival

Advice for hasty filmmakers.

Skipping drama class

Oh to be 16 and anxious…

What is a script doctor?

There’s no shortcut around becoming a “screenwriter” to becoming a “script doctor.”

How do you become successful?

Ground your notion of Hollywood. While it seems glamorous and lucrative, if you’re coming to the film industry looking to get rich, you’re wasting your time.

Four for four, or Hooray for Chad

Another assistant makes his way.

Is the Screenwriting Expo any good?

Thoughts on public speaking.

Which side of the pond should I choose?

Depends on your sensibility.

Please state your purpose

Advice for your film school applications.

How to get into film school

Candid advice, straight from a decider.

Reading scripts at the WGA library

Cool resources with fountains of inspiration.

What should a 14-year old do?

There’s so much to play with, study and write about in the world around you. Start there.

Is film school necessary?

There’s a hell of lot to learn about filmmaking, but school’s not the only place to do it.

First impressions

How I discovered that good writing is invisible.

Where to find scripts

There are a few types/stages of scripts. Some teach more than others.

Journalism degree

Choosing what you study isn’t as important as doing it passionately.

How young were you?

Movie scripts looked so simple, it seemed a lot easier than any other form of writing.

11-year old film fan

Encouraging the next generation of filmmakers without scaring them off.