The Remnants

Apocalypse Now That Wasn’t So Bad

Like a good Onion article, Heather Havrilesky’s “Five Super-Easy Tips For Dealing with the Apocalypse!” pushes beyond the initial joke to an even darker truth.

Which project should I write?

I’d recommend writing the one that has the best ending.

More Remnants

I was happy to get such a strong reaction since posting the pilot for The Remnants. Every few days, we get a surge of hits as new sites link to it. A fan even set up Draft The Remnants to get people to pledge their love. For something that’s been sitting on a shelf for […]

Audition scenes

When you’re auditioning actors for a role, the scenes as scripted are sometimes not especially useful. The solution: write new material specifically for casting.

The Remnants, in script form

The complete script for The Remnants pilot, along with the accompanying character bios, are now up in the Library.

The Remnants

Yesterday, a Google News alert informed me that the web pilot I wrote and directed way back in February has been dis-embargoed. I’ve been deliberately sketchy on details about the project, but since Variety has the story, there’s no reason to be coy. It’s called The Remnants. It’s a comedy about a group of squabbling […]

Shot an indie pilot. What’s next?

How to expose, fund and distribute your pilot appropriately.

Post-strike update

Last night I went out for beers with my picketing team from the Van Ness gate. I hadn’t spoken with any of them since the end of the strike, so it was nice to catch up, and see them in clothes not specifically chosen for walking in the cold. Remarkably, it was the first conversation […]

Strike, days 94 and 95; Production, day 3

Our final day of shooting consisted mostly of chasing actors with cameras, my brief homage to Point Break. We also had our first and only company move — just two blocks, to a tiny medical clinic in Eagle Rock. One by one, we wrapped our actors, until we were left with just one regular and […]

Strike, day 93; Production, day 2

With all eyes on yesterday’s primaries, the announcement of the big, bi-coastal WGA membership meeting this Saturday was easy to overlook. But it’s certainly a welcome development. It’s widely expected that the WGA boards will discuss the status of the agreement with the AMPTP, and outline the steps needed to get back to work. I […]

Strike, day 92; Production, day 1

Instead of picketing, I spent today in production on the short-film-slash-web-pilot, details of which I’m keeping infuriatingly mum so that there’s some tiny bit of surprise when I can start showing it to people. Today went really, really well. We’re shooting two cameras — the HVX-200’s I was all a-twitter over before they came out […]

Seeing other people

As I write this on Sunday afternoon, I have no confirmation whether a deal has been reached to end the strike. Rumor and reality have been scrambled and beaten throughout this ordeal, so now seems a particularly bad time to be counting unhatched chickens. (To strain an egg metaphor.) For any writer — WGA or […]