The Nines

Writing the music before shooting the film

Alex Wurman, who composed the music for my film The Nines, has the soundtrack up on SoundCloud. The composer often comes on board the project while it’s in post, but for The Nines, I needed Alex to write the main theme of the movie before we’d shot a frame.

Let’s just say we were #51

I was a little disappointed EW left The Nines of their list, because it certainly meets the criteria of being highly praised and little-seen.

Formatting notes in a screenplay

Only very rarely do you have to do a full dead stop to explain something to readers. I’ve probably done it twice in 40+ scripts.

Born on the Fourth of The Nines

In The Nines, was there a particular reason you chose to make Dahlia and Gavin’s birthday the same, November 21st?

Getting clearances

Checking clearances means making sure you’re not inadvertently referring to real people and real companies in your project.

Oblivio Accebit from The Nines

A link to a poster we made for The Nines.

When two characters are played by the same actor

If it would be obvious to the viewer, make it obvious to the reader.

Netflix streaming to PlayStation 3

Starting next month, you can watch instantly through Netflix on your PS3.

New interview up

I did an interview this afternoon with Sam Heer at BlogTalkRadio’s 123Film station, in which we talked about Go, The Nines, the Burton movies and screenwriting in general.

Principles of Hybrid Distribution

A new article by Peter Broderick articulates a lot of the points I try to make to filmmakers with truly indie films.

The Nines on SciFi

The Nines will be airing on Britain’s SciFi channel several times this month — not to be confused with the U.S. SyFy channel, or the other international outlets with similar names.

Per-screen average

Indies have high per-screen averages because they’re on so few screens, not despite it.

A hard time to be an indie

As a counterpoint to the utopian bliss of the Sundance Filmmakers Lab, I’ll direct your attention a speech given by James D. Stern] last week on the present and future of indie film.

Crowdediting The Nines

Norman Hollyn, head of the editing track at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, has a blog post up about “crowd-editing,” the post-production equivalent of crowdsourcing. Right now, the Advanced Editing class at USC is made up of 11 students who have each taken the dailies of the feature film THE NINES (the really interesting and […]


It’s time for the studios to meet the demands of the international audience and avoid piracy at the same time.

Which project should I write?

I’d recommend writing the one that has the best ending.

10 Sundance shorts on iTunes

Ten of the 80 short films featured this week at the Sundance Film Festival are available free on iTunes until January 25th. It’s a great way to see some work you’d almost certainly never catch. Visit to check out trailers and download. (Link opens in iTunes store.) I’m happy to see shorts featured this […]

The Visitor

On Wednesday morning, we came into the kitchen to find an orange slice on the stove and a tomato that seemed to have exploded. This was obviously troubling. My initial thought was that one of us had sleepwalked, and acted out some rage issue against fruit. I realize this is a strange explanation to reach […]

The Nines on Netflix

Several readers wrote in this morning to point out that The Nines is suddenly now available on Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” feature. If you have a Netflix account, that means free streaming in roughly two clicks. I’m not sure how the Netflix streaming gets accounted for in terms of residuals, but I’m glad to see another […]

The Nines on Amazon VOD

The Nines is now available through Amazon’s video-on-demand, with options for download or streaming within the browser window. It’s very straightforward, and I’m always happy for another outlet. But it costs $14.99. That’s simply too much. Amazon sells the physical DVD with all the special features for the same price, at considerably more cost to […]

The Nines, recut

An editing class will recut The Nines from scratch. Final film unseen.

Indie film, cont’d

How some are navigating distribution of indie fare.

Packing light

I’m headed to Seattle tonight for a quick screening of The Nines. I’m packing almost nothing: my iPhone, my Kindle, toiletries and a change of undies. Over the past year, I’ve found I am packing less and less, to the point that it’s become a sport to see how little I can get by with. […]

Sundance, The Nines, and the death of independent film

A long hard look at distributing independent films.

The Nines on iTunes

Just noticed that The Nines is now available for rental on iTunes.