Shazam! It ain’t happening.

Before the holidays, I promised a post-mortem on Shazam!, the big-screen adaptation of the DC comic I’ve been working on since early 2007. In case you’re not familiar with the character, here’s what I wrote when I first announced the project: Captain Marvel is a superhero roughly as powerful as Superman, minus the heat-vision and […]


The combination of family travel, lingering illness and Fallout 3 has kept me away from the blog this week, but I should be back to a normal schedule beginning Sunday. There’s actual news, including my next writing project and an update (post-mortem?) on Shazam!. Plus, I really want to write something about this misguided memo […]

Post-strike update

Last night I went out for beers with my picketing team from the Van Ness gate. I hadn’t spoken with any of them since the end of the strike, so it was nice to catch up, and see them in clothes not specifically chosen for walking in the cold. Remarkably, it was the first conversation […]

On the topic of old things sucking

My post on Captain Marvel/Shazam! generated a lot of comments, both on this site and AICN, primarily because of a single observation… If I were writing a dissertation on the evolution of the Captain Marvel character, [hardcover anthologies] would be invaluable. But I’m not. So every time I read one of these, I’m struck with […]

A Captain Marvel Reader

Ever since I announced that I’m writing Shazam!/Captain Marvel, I’ve gotten some great questions and comments from longtime fans of the character, many with detailed pleas to include a specific cherished piece of the mythology. But when I tell people face-to-face that I’m writing a Captain Marvel movie, I often notice a specific micro-reaction. Their […]

Regarding the Gyllenhaal rumor

According to the internet, Jake Gyllenhaal is playing Captain Marvel. I’ll be sure to let the studio, producers, and director know. Sigh. It’s frustrating how in the digital age, random speculation turns to fact in about .003 seconds. And once it starts, it’s like a tire fire: any attempt to extinguish it merely creates a […]