Prince of Persia

Source code on screen

Finally, a Tumblr documenting and discussing all those scrolling shots of code on computer screens in movies and television. I love when directors and production designers take the time to get this right. And look! Here’s some vintage Prince of Persia.

Making the original Prince of Persia

Video from GDC, with Jordan Mechner talking about his original version of Prince of Persia.

Price of Persia, original screenplay

Jordan Mechner has posted the original screenplay for Prince of Persia, which better reflects the movie he and I hoped to make back when we set up the project in 2004.

Prince of Persia, full trailer

The full trailer is now up for Prince of Persia.

Pitching Prince of Persia

Jordan Mechner has posted the game-footage trailer we used when we pitched Prince of Persia to the studios six years ago

Playing to the core

Brian Lowry cautions against [taking Comic-Con buzz too seriously.

Prince of Projects

Friend and occasional writing partner Jordan Mechner has been tinkering on a website for a few months, and is now ready to invite the world in. He has a lot to share about 20 years in the videogame industry, and the transition from designer to screenwriter. Basically, my plan is to blog, post sketches, and […]

Prince of Perhaps

Several sites have reported that Disney has picked July 10, 2009 as the release date for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. My guess is that this got written on a whiteboard at some strategic planning meeting, in answer to the question, “Hey, if we made that Prince of Persia movie, when would we […]

Lost Rooms and American Zombies

When other people have the same ideas and act on them, it helps me clear my slate.

Cut-scenes do not a videogame make

Videogame-makers need to stop trying to ape Hollywood blockbusters, and instead focus on creating playable stories. A link to an article detailing the differences between the storytelling needs and styles.

Prince of Persia retrospective

Jordan Mechner forwarded me this Ubisoft-created look back at the Prince of Persia series. It’s in sucky .wmv format, but does a nice job showing the evolution of the franchise from its humble PC roots. Anticipating your inevitable questions: No, I don’t know when the movie will come out. No, we haven’t cast anyone. Yes, […]

An afternoon at E3

Yesterday, I went to the giant videogame confab E3 with my friend Jordan Mechner, who created Prince of Persia and is writing the movie version for Disney. We were there to see footage from the next Prince of Persia game — which looks damn good, what with the chariots and Babylonian rooftops and all. (And […]

Prince of Persia announced

This morning’s Variety has an article announcing PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME, a feature film I’m executive producing. It’s an adaptation of the bestselling videogame created by Jordan Mechner. The project is set up with Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney. Technically, the deal isn’t finished yet, but it’s close enough to being real that […]