Premise pilots

If you’re writing the pilot episode of a TV series, you have a choice to make: will this episode be more-or-less typical for the series, or will it be The Beginning?

WTF is a beat sheet?

Is a beat sheet an actual thing, or a mythical Hollywood construct?

Audition scenes

When you’re auditioning actors for a role, the scenes as scripted are sometimes not especially useful. The solution: write new material specifically for casting.

Writing silent scenes

Always treat your readers like audience members, and think about it from their perspective.

Ops stops

One strange aspect of writing a blog is recognizing that one’s online narrative doesn’t always match up very well with reality. There is a lag between when events happen and when you write about them. Take for example Josh Friedman’s recent and scary brush with kidney cancer. As his real-life neighbor, I knew he was […]

Two sides to the story

Right now, we’re starting casting for Ops, the Fox pilot we’ll hopefully shoot after the holidays. Since most readers out there have never been through network casting — or any casting — I thought I’d talk you through the process. Or at least, the start of the process. The first thing we had to do […]