Changing heroes mid-stream

As an animated film moves from screenplay to storyboards to scratch reels, you see the story coming to life — and the problems front-and-center.

Frankenweenie and autism

Antonia Lidder recounts her experience with Frankenweenie, and its impact on her son diagnosed with autism: In spring 2012, when he had a vocabulary of approximately 15 words, Gabriel clearly said ‘Sparky’. We were excited that he’d said a word and was undoubtedly trying to communicate with us, yet we had no idea what ‘sparky’ […]

Frankenweenie on video today

Frankenweenie is available today in the U.S., in both spinning plastic and digital versions.

Frankenweenie scripts now online

Now that it’s officially awards season, Disney has given me their blessing to post the screenplay for Frankenweenie.


On Thursday, I promised I’d answer questions from people who saw Frankenweenie over the weekend. Here you go.

Some first thoughts on fifth

Frankenweenie opened this past weekend in U.S., placing fifth overall with somewhere around $11.5 million. This result is widely considered disappointing, or worse.

Ask me anything about Frankenweenie

Frankenweenie opens this weekend — there are midnight shows tonight in the U.S. — so I’ve spent the past few weeks answering questions about the movie from bloggers and journalists. Now I’m happy to answer your questions as well.

Praise Be New Holland

There are two Frankenweenie albums, both out today: Danny Elfaman’s soundtrack, and a bonus disc of tracks by other artists. I have a song on the latter: Praise Be New Holland.

First look at Frankenweenie

This week’s EW not only has the unstoppable Melissa McCarthy on the cover, it also features a first look at Frankenweenie.


Although IMDb says otherwise, I’m not writing Tim Burton’s recently announced Frankenweenie feature. Here’s the long-ish version: I had a meeting with Disney Animation about a year ago, in which they pitched the idea of doing a feature version of Tim’s Frankenweenie short film. They even had production art for it. Then, separately, I had […]