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Scriptnotes now has an app for iOS and Android. It’s free for both platforms.

Shirts back in the Store

Through Friday, November 15th, we’ll be taking orders for a new batch of shirts. They’ll ship starting December 2nd, in time for the holidays. Like last time, we’ll only print what people order, so if you want a shirt, you need to order now.

What’s Next

John and Craig discuss what it feels like to finish a project — the combination of excitement and relief, joy and sadness — as Craig advises John which project he should write next now that Big Fish is set to open.

Two ENTJs walk into a bar (and fix it)

John and Craig reveal their Myers-Briggs secrets as they discuss Kevin Spacey’s comments on the state of television, Eric Garcetti’s plans to address runaway production, and the WGA election.

Scriptnotes Live in NYC

Tickets for the live episode of Scriptnotes in New York just went on sale. If you’re worried about missing out, get one and come back.

Disaster Porn, and Spelling Things Out

John and Craig discuss Damon Lindelof’s interview about how plot stakes have escalated lockstep with budget, perhaps to the point of absurdity.

Scriptnotes, a look back and ahead

I wanted to share a quick summary of where the podcast has been and where we’re going.

Is 15 the new 30?

Have first acts gotten shorter, or does it just feel that way? John and Craig discuss the pressure on screenwriters to “get to it” faster, and why that’s often the wrong goal.

Scriptnotes 100 tickets now available

Tickets for the live taping of the Scriptnotes 100th episode, July 25th in Hollywood, are now available [on the Academy site].

T-Shirts and Transcripts

Now available for a limited time: official Scriptnotes t-shirts. Designed by Ryan Nelson and screenprinted in Los Angeles, the shirts come in Umbrage Orange and Rational Blue-Gray.1 Stuart swears the blue one is the softest shirt he’s ever touched. We offer both men’s and women’s sizes. They’re $19 each, and you can only get them […]

Scriptnotes Live in LA

Craig and I will be doing two live shows in LA this summer: June 29th and July 25. They’re vastly different, but both should be cool.

Storytelling in the digital age

I’m hosting a panel for the Academy next Wednesday, May 15th, to discuss how technology impacts cinema — both the kinds of stories we tell, and how we tell those stories.

First sale and funny on the page

Craig and John look at two recent court decisions that could have a big impact on how movies get sold and resold — and how writers get paid. First-Sale Doctrine is one of those intractable issues that involves freedom and control, bits and atoms, creators and consumers.

Veronica Mars Attacks

Craig and John discuss the big Veronica Mars/Kickstarter news in one of the more contentious podcasts to date. If you like umbrage, this is the show for you.

Type on the radio

I spoke with KPCC’s Alex Cohen about Courier Prime last week.

Three-Hole Punchdrunk

Craig and John discuss a new report that tallies spec script sales for 2012 — with the reminder that selling a spec isn’t necessarily the most important thing for new writers.

Introducing Courier Prime

Courier Prime is a better version of Courier designed specifically for screenwriters. It’s free and available today.

People still buy movies

With last week’s news that home video stopped its free-fall and actually grew a little bit in 2012, John and Craig discuss whether studios might ease off on one-step deals and other development austerity measures.

Big Fish announces Broadway plans

Big Fish will begin performances September 5 at the Neil Simon Theatre. Opening night is set for October 6.

Making and Remaking Karateka

To commemorate the making and remaking of Karateka, Earl Newton shot a terrific series of behind-the-scenes videos, the first two of which are embedded below.

We’re all Disney princesses now

John and Craig discuss the big movie news of the week: Disney buying Lucasfilm, and with it, the rights to Star Wars.

Gorilla City and the Kingdom of Toads

John and Craig talk about the new show John sold to ABC, which leads to a conversation about the differences between studios and networks, and how writers end up having relationships with both.

Chosen, or Hey I’m Doing a TV Show!

Josh Friedman and I just set up a new show called Chosen, produced by 20th Television for ABC. I’ll write the pilot, and if the show goes to series, Josh will run it.

Why the story doesn’t work in Diablo III

Diablo III squanders a lot of pixels and talent on a middling, uninvolving story.

Highland update fixes .fdx, adds Snow Leopard support

The new beta of Highland addresses .fdx export issues, Unicode characters, and support for Snow Leopard (OS 10.6).