10 Sundance shorts on iTunes

Ten of the 80 short films featured this week at the Sundance Film Festival are available free on iTunes until January 25th. It’s a great way to see some work you’d almost certainly never catch. Visit to check out trailers and download. (Link opens in iTunes store.) I’m happy to see shorts featured this […]

Why no one is buying your indie film

Anne Thompson’s Variety article on the challenging market at Sundance this year is worth a read for anyone considering the indie route. I’ve written several times about my festival experience with The Nines, and how the classic paradigm of how indie films get bought and distributed is almost a myth. Most Sundance movies don’t sell, […]

Splinter, tonight

Following up on my earlier post about alternative distributions for indies, Splinter has its debut on HDNet Movies tonight, in anticipation of its theatrical roll-out this weekend. (And in competition with a certain presidential candidate’s national address.) I haven’t seen the movie, but it got a nice review today in Variety, and awards at Screamfest.

Indie film, cont’d

How some are navigating distribution of indie fare.

What do you do when the buzz fades?

You made a movie. Get the most you can out of it, then get cracking on doing the next project.