Follow Up

Ownership in a digital age

Jeremy Dylan doesn’t share my zeal for renting movies. He’d rather own, and worries of a future in which he won’t be able to.

The further angst of Kaufman

Reader Scott argues that Charlie Kaufman is in fact thinking of the audience.

Resenting your audience

Pivoting of the discussion Craig and I had about Charlie Kaufman’s speech, Josh Barkey outlines a path that may lead screenwriters to resent their audiences.

More posts, more visitors

Looking at the uptick in visitors, I speculated that it might be because of Twitter. I had Ryan pull some numbers, and my new theory is much simpler: more posts means more visitors.

How residuals get divided between writers

If two writers share a credit slot (like screenplay), that portion of residuals is split squarely between them.

More than 76 Trombones

In the eight years I’ve been running this blog, I’ve had a number of popular and/or controversial posts that generated a lot of comments. But I’ve never experienced the kind of patronizing sneer that came from this weekend’s No Trombones.

More on Archer’s odd pre-laps

Comparing Archer’s actual script to my transcript-y approximation shows a little bit more about how Adam Reed’s show works.

More on movie money

Following up on last week’s podcast about the economics of the film industry, more details on the business from the exhibitor’s perspective.

Final Cut Pro updated

Apple has updated Final Cut Pro X to address some of editors’ biggest concerns (XML, shared media) and now offers a free trial version. It’s worth a download.

FCP 7: Not quite dead yet

Apple has resumed selling the old version of Final Cut Pro. But it ain’t cheap, and there’s no guarantee it will be around long.

Still suing

Remember that guy who’s suing the agencies for not representing him? Jim Vines has an interview with him, and asks one question that kept nagging at me.

Hollywood interns aren’t essential

Nicole Iizuka takes issue with my assertion that “All the interns in Los Angeles could get Raptured tomorrow and the town would function just fine.”

Final Draft and Lion, friends again

With Mac OS X Lion due any moment, Final Draft has released version 8.0.2, which should allow it to launch under the new OS.

Suing to get an agent, cont’d

Justin Samuels, the aspiring screenwriter who filed a lawsuit against two agencies for not representing him, wrote in with comments on my original post about his case.

Animation scripts aren’t always short

Dan Gerson writes that more often than not, page counts are a little higher in animation than live action.

Fucking pilots, cont’d

Broadcast networks basically want their own cable-quality shows, so they consciously (or subconsciously) gravitate towards writing they perceive as edgy, even though a lot of what attracted them will have to be excised.

Sales figures for The Variant

A reader asks for an update on my first experiment with publishing on the Kindle platform.

Spring Cleaning results

Readers spotted issues with roughly one-third of our 1,440 posts, which we’ll be resolving over the next few weeks.

One sample, cont’d

Several readers questioned my advice to write a TV spec, even if feature screenwriting is your primary goal.

New dates for Anatomy of a Script

Because of a travel situation, I had to swap dates for my Anatomy of a Script session on Big Fish. I’ll be coming two weeks later.

Young vs. new

“Young” is often used in Hollywood when “new,” “green” or “inexpensive” would be better choices.

Any printer will do

For screenwriters, printers have become better, faster, cheaper — and much less important.

Amazon Studios now slightly less terrible

When it was announced in November, one of the bold new ideas of Amazon Studios was letting any user rewrite any screenplay in the competition. I thought that was a terrible idea, and users agreed.

How Less IMDb came to be

I’ve asked Ryan Nelson to give a walk-through of developing and releasing our popular browser extension.

Less IMDb, now for Chrome and Firefox

Our browser extension to de-clutter IMDb is now available for Safari, Chrome and Firefox.