Follow Up

Less IMDb, now for Chrome and Firefox

Our browser extension to de-clutter IMDb is now available for Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Amazon Studios, round three

I honestly looked for some positive reviews, and haven’t found them.

The Amazon film thing, ctd

Drew McWeeny: “Considering one of the rules of this contest grants Amazon Studios a free 18-month option on your work the moment you upload it, the idea that they can enter you in a contest later and tell you the rules after they do so seems positively batty. “

A reminder on comments

These are all fairly standard Living Room Rules, but some people seem unfamiliar with them, so I thought it would be better to state them explicitly.

On Dogfooding, and scratching your own itch

When you make something that you yourself use, that’s called dogfooding, a contraction of “eating your own dogfood.” That’s developer-speak, but it’s something screenwriters would do well to appropriate.

Why Harry Can’t Spell

While I’m worrying about higher education as philanthropy, Samuel Arbesman dares to question the value of a Hogwarts education.

Are parentheticals overused, cont’d

An ambitious reader crunches the numbers to find how many parentheticals successful screenwriters are actually using.

Why email addresses matter

Several readers disagreed with my advice about email addresses. They’re being naive.

Election results announced

The votes have been counted in the WGAw Board election.

La historia es gratis

Story is free, now in Spanish.

Credits referendum overwhelmingly approved

The three uncontroversial proposals for amending the TV and screen credits process passed by a large margin.

Snake People for iPad

In a welcome change from the walled garden of the App Store, iBooks will happily show you any ePub file you throw it. Including last week’s short story, Snake People.

Making and releasing the micro-budget indie

Thanks to the OTMM crew, there is now video from the Q&A I hosted after Tuesday night’s screening.

One Too Many Mornings screening

‘ll be leading a Q&A with the filmmakers, talking not just about the film but the challenges and opportunities in making and releasing a microbudget movie

Hiring complete

I’ve picked my Director of Digital Things.

How much should ebooks cost?

Adding up the publisher’s expenses shows there is plenty of room for flexibility in pricing.

Update on the job

I’ve culled 66 applications down to a final few candidates for the new Director of Digital Things job.

Update on the job

I’ll be narrowing down my top choices for the Director of Digital Things job beginning Thursday, February 4.

Watching OTMM

One Too Many Mornings is lo-fi funny, a mumblecore Swingers, with a refreshingly clear sense of what it is.

Sitting in on the Prop 8 trial

Yesterday, I flew up to San Francisco to watch the federal trial regarding Proposition 8.

It’s all a bunch of piles

As an add-on to my earlier post, The Wrap has a detailed article about how nomination votes are tallied.

Reading scripts on a MacBook, book-style

Turn your laptop on its side, and hold it like a hardcover book. It works much better than you’d think, particularly with one of the unibody MacBooks.

Reading scripts on the Kindle

The 2.3 software update adds pdf support for older Kindles, but it’s not as excellent for screenplays as you’d hope.

How to handle a meeting

For newcomers, I can offer a bit of a summary

Taking indie films on the road

Todd Sklar is back with Range Life, taking eight indies on tour around the country.