Follow Up

Spelunking the Kindle market

How many books does Amazon sell on Kindle each day? Is there a classic long tail — and is it even worth being on it? Amazon is incredibly opaque with the details, even when you’re publishing on their system.

How much does a short story earn in a magazine?

I really had no idea what people were getting paid for short stories, so I asked Matt to dig up some numbers.

Welcome, NY Times readers

The NY Times has an article today about The Variant, the Kindle, and my Twitter followers.

A week of The Variant

My short story has been on the market for a week. As promised, here’s an update on how the 99-cent experiment has gone.

Leftover questions

Some readers had questions they didn’t get to ask on the call-in show last night, so I answered them this morning.

On the present tense

The present progressive tense can be your friend.

Adam Davis, year two

I asked Adam Davis, a young alum from Drake University, to write about his first year starting out in Hollywood. He’s back with a follow-up.

Aliens abroad

In a precautionary move to ward off pirates, Paramount supplied only dubbed prints of “Monsters vs. Aliens” to Russian and Ukrainian theaters.

Los Angeles myths, answered

In February, I linked by Eric Morris about pervasive Los Angeles transportation myths. Here’s a follow-up.

Preschool, NYC edition

Following up on my post about getting your kid into preschool, a reader tipped me off to an upcoming documentary on the subject.

Cams, rips and release dates

I’ve been asking around to find more information about studios’ anti-piracy efforts.

Show your work, pt. 2

Nearly every browser lets you “View Source,” showing how the page was constructed…up to a point.

The Kindle is not good for screenplays

Kindle 2: great for books, but not ready for screenplays.

Notes on the state of the industry

Matt gives the full report from a WGA panel about the film industry.

Authors’ Guild vs. Kindle

Cory Doctorow makes many of the points I would about the Authors’ Guild’s grumpiness over the Kindle’s text-to-speech function.

Official badasses

MTV released its final list of top-ten badasses, which included contributions by me and a lot of other folks. Dirty Harry – “Dirty Harry” Ellen Ripley – “Alien/Aliens” John McClane – “Die Hard” Mad Max – “Mad Max” Walker – “Point Blank” Sarah Connor – “Terminator” Pike Bishop – “The Wild Bunch” Khan Noonien Singh […]

iMovie 09 is much better, still maddening

A few weeks ago, I expressed exasperation upon seeing demos of iMovie 09, which seemed to be working hard to fix exactly the wrong problems. Now that I have it installed, I’ve been able to spend a few days playing around with it. And you know what? It’s actually a lot better. Yes, that could […]

The biggest TiVo in the world

The thin line between unlimited DVR and video-on-demand.

The rat is dead

Last month, a visitor made an unwelcome appearance in our kitchen, eating oranges on the counter. He was first caught virtually by my laptop’s iSight camera, then later physically by a classic spring-lever trap. It was loud; it was unsettling; it was over. I actually like rodents as pets. I grew up with gerbils and […]

The Duluth Dilemma

In Banging a chainsaw against a tree, I expressed my frustration at those who complain how unfair it is that screenwriters in, say, Duluth, aren’t taken seriously. It got a lot of responses. Mike writes: Why can’t he complain if no one takes a screenwriter in Duluth seriously? If he wrote a damn good screenplay […]

Follow-Up Week

My favorite episodes of Intervention are the follow-up ones, in which they track what’s happened with the addicts in the months and years after treatment. Some have stayed clean, others are off-the-rails disasters. I always guess wrong. Here on the site, I rarely do follow-ups. In fact, once an entry gets pushed off the front […]

Slumdog Coincidentalist

A reader writes in requesting a reexamination of my post “The Perils of Coincidence” in light of an acclaimed movie which is already a screenwriting award contender: This weekend, I saw Slumdog Millionaire, a story that is succinctly described by the equation: “I knew the answer to this obscure question because this farfetched event happened […]

Postmodernism will eat itself

In the comments thread to my post on Charlie Brown, advertising, and whatever comes after postmodernism, reader Michael makes an important point: If everything is a reference to a reference to a reference, as so much creative work is currently, then audiences are forced to either “get” everything, or else be alienated by everything. It […]

Six week bug

I’m finally over the annoying illness that’s kept me on a reduced schedule these past few weeks. I’m calling it bronchitis, though my doctor never used that term, and it’s possible it was something else entirely. In general I’m not a person who gets sick for more than a day or two, so it was […]

Splinter, tonight

Following up on my earlier post about alternative distributions for indies, Splinter has its debut on HDNet Movies tonight, in anticipation of its theatrical roll-out this weekend. (And in competition with a certain presidential candidate’s national address.) I haven’t seen the movie, but it got a nice review today in Variety, and awards at Screamfest.