Follow Up

Challenge results

We’ve got a winner and a slew of honorable mentions in the Superheroic Scene Challenge.

Cablevision and the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal on the Cablevision case, allowing the Second Circuit Court’s decision to stand. Cablevision can begin introducing its service.

Per-screen average

Indies have high per-screen averages because they’re on so few screens, not despite it.

NPR on Twitter and The Variant

NPR’s All Things Considered tonight has a piece by Alex Cohen about how artists use Twitter, including me with my short story The Variant.


This comes from Greeks, a comedy I never finished — and barely started, honestly. It’s set in ancient times, and would have retold several of the great myths in significantly less epic ways.

Spelunking the Kindle market

How many books does Amazon sell on Kindle each day? Is there a classic long tail — and is it even worth being on it? Amazon is incredibly opaque with the details, even when you’re publishing on their system.

How much does a short story earn in a magazine?

I really had no idea what people were getting paid for short stories, so I asked Matt to dig up some numbers.

Welcome, NY Times readers

The NY Times has an article today about The Variant, the Kindle, and my Twitter followers.

A week of The Variant

My short story has been on the market for a week. As promised, here’s an update on how the 99-cent experiment has gone.

Leftover questions

Some readers had questions they didn’t get to ask on the call-in show last night, so I answered them this morning.

On the present tense

The present progressive tense can be your friend.

Adam Davis, year two

I asked Adam Davis, a young alum from Drake University, to write about his first year starting out in Hollywood. He’s back with a follow-up.

Aliens abroad

In a precautionary move to ward off pirates, Paramount supplied only dubbed prints of “Monsters vs. Aliens” to Russian and Ukrainian theaters.

Los Angeles myths, answered

In February, I linked by Eric Morris about pervasive Los Angeles transportation myths. Here’s a follow-up.

Preschool, NYC edition

Following up on my post about getting your kid into preschool, a reader tipped me off to an upcoming documentary on the subject.

Cams, rips and release dates

I’ve been asking around to find more information about studios’ anti-piracy efforts.

Show your work, pt. 2

Nearly every browser lets you “View Source,” showing how the page was constructed…up to a point.

The Kindle is not good for screenplays

Kindle 2: great for books, but not ready for screenplays.

Notes on the state of the industry

Matt gives the full report from a WGA panel about the film industry.

Authors’ Guild vs. Kindle

Cory Doctorow makes many of the points I would about the Authors’ Guild’s grumpiness over the Kindle’s text-to-speech function.

Official badasses

MTV released its final list of top-ten badasses, which included contributions by me and a lot of other folks. Dirty Harry – “Dirty Harry” Ellen Ripley – “Alien/Aliens” John McClane – “Die Hard” Mad Max – “Mad Max” Walker – “Point Blank” Sarah Connor – “Terminator” Pike Bishop – “The Wild Bunch” Khan Noonien Singh […]

iMovie 09 is much better, still maddening

A few weeks ago, I expressed exasperation upon seeing demos of iMovie 09, which seemed to be working hard to fix exactly the wrong problems. Now that I have it installed, I’ve been able to spend a few days playing around with it. And you know what? It’s actually a lot better. Yes, that could […]

The biggest TiVo in the world

The thin line between unlimited DVR and video-on-demand.

The rat is dead

Last month, a visitor made an unwelcome appearance in our kitchen, eating oranges on the counter. He was first caught virtually by my laptop’s iSight camera, then later physically by a classic spring-lever trap. It was loud; it was unsettling; it was over. I actually like rodents as pets. I grew up with gerbils and […]

The Duluth Dilemma

In Banging a chainsaw against a tree, I expressed my frustration at those who complain how unfair it is that screenwriters in, say, Duluth, aren’t taken seriously. It got a lot of responses. Mike writes: Why can’t he complain if no one takes a screenwriter in Duluth seriously? If he wrote a damn good screenplay […]