Follow Up

Previz for screenwriters

Generally, screenwriters should focus on words rather than pictures. But in certain cases, images really help.

Rationality vs. Umbrage

Four days in, sales of the Scriptnotes t-shirts are going fairly smoothly. We briefly blew off the lid of our PayPal account, but have been able to keep everything at a good simmer since then.

50 Random Questions

As promised, John and Craig answer a bunch of listener questions on everything except screenwriting, on topics ranging from sex to science to sushi.

Scriptnotes Off-Topic

On next week’s episode of the podcast, Craig and I will be answering listener questions about everything except screenwriting. So if you’re a fan who wants to hear Craig’s opinions on velcro shoes or to know my first literary crush (Pete Crenshaw from The Three Investigators), this is your week.

Veronica Mars Attacks

Craig and John discuss the big Veronica Mars/Kickstarter news in one of the more contentious podcasts to date. If you like umbrage, this is the show for you.

Writing a scene in 11 steps

The infographic below, which hit the front page of Reddit tonight, comes from a 2007 post of mine titled How to Write a Scene. The graphic by Ryan Rivard is lovely and all, but the full post is probably more helpful. In particular, point five merits explanation: 5) Ask: What’s the most surprising thing that […]

We’d Like to Make an Offer

John and Craig discuss spec scripts, pitches and how it feels when your movie gets brutal reviews.

Three-Hole Punchdrunk

Craig and John discuss a new report that tallies spec script sales for 2012 — with the reminder that selling a spec isn’t necessarily the most important thing for new writers.

Do I get residuals? A flowchart

A Twitter follower asks for an explanation of animation residuals.

The Next 117 Pages

John and Craig talk about everything that comes after the oft-discussed First Three Pages, speculating on the kinds of issues they’d spot if they were looking at full scripts.

The Mystery of the Js

Craig and John dive back into the Three Page Challenge entries, along with an overview of the 500+ contenders that have been submitted.

Moving past micro-budget

Director Michael Mohan writes about the process of making Save the Date, his bigger-budget follow-up to One Too Many Mornings.

Alt-universe panels

Craig and John ret-con the Austin Film Festival, placing themselves on panels in which they didn’t participate. It’s a chance to give the answers they would have given without the bother of moderators (and other people’s opinions).

Another look at junkets

On a recent podcast, Craig and I discussed press junkets from the screenwriter’s perspective. Tim from London wrote in to offer the view from the other side of the roundtable.

Amazon Studios at AFF

A reader shares his notes on a Amazon Studios panel at this year’s Austin Film Festival.

Gorilla City and the Kingdom of Toads

John and Craig talk about the new show John sold to ABC, which leads to a conversation about the differences between studios and networks, and how writers end up having relationships with both.

Producers and pitching

What’s the difference between a reader and a producer? Much more than one high-profile online reader seems to believe. John and Craig discuss what producers do, and how one plausibly gets started.

My Mac Pro problem, revisited

My 2006 Mac Pro couldn’t be upgraded to Mountain Lion, so I needed to get a new computer. I ended up with Ryan’s old MacBook Pro, which has worked out mostly well.

How to Not Be Fat

Screenwriters are often not the healthiest folk. We do our work at computers, surrounded by snacks, so it’s no surprise many of us get fat. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

On blasting and drafting

The guy who made that Phil Coulson fan film — and wrongly credited me — thinks I was out of line to complain so much.

Losing sleep over critics

John and Craig talk critics, and how trying to anticipate their reviews can cause paralysis. It’s funny how the screenwriter only seems to get mentioned in negative reviews. Well, not funny, actually. Frustrating. And possibly statistically verifiable, so listen in if you’re looking for a research project.

Women, screenwriting and confidence

A listener wonders if the lack of female screenwriters stems in part from the social part of the profession, specifically confidence in one’s ability.

Adam Davis, year five

Adam Davis wrote one of the original First Person posts for the site back in 2007, when he first moved to LA. Five years later, it’s time for an update.

Getting to page one

On the 41st Scriptnotes, John and Craig discuss screenwriting software, knowing when to start, and the Game of Thrones finale. But before moving on to new business, they update us on two topics of podcasts past.

Amazon Studios and the free option

Chip Street looks at why an offer to be featured on the “consider” list must be considered carefully.