Weekend Read

I’m on the App Store

This morning, Apple posted a profile of me and my software company. If you’re on an iPhone or iPad, you can find it on the front page of the App Store.

Wait for It

John and Craig discuss suspense and its function in all genres, from thrillers to romcoms. They examine suspense of the known and of the unknown and the techniques available to construct it. We also answer listeners questions about registering scripts with the WGA, how to overcome creative paralysis and unconventional sluglines. Links: The WGA’s page […]

Bronson Watermarker gets a minor update

Bronson Watermarker, our app for quickly personalizing PDFs, has an update in the Mac App Store. Version 2.0.4 fixes a minor drawing bug.

Weekend Read can read scripts aloud

Weekend Read, our app for reading screenplays on the iPhone and iPad, can also read them aloud. Here’s how to do it.

NDAs and other acronyms

Craig and John open the mailbag to answer questions on acronyms in dialogue, off-the-air specs and international WGA jurisdiction. Plus we look at the growing trend of non-disclosure agreements on studio projects, and whether the nature of film requires less complex characters.

Weekend Read gains new features, fixes an annoying bug

Weekend Read 1.5.4 adds optional push notifications for new scripts in the For Your Consideration section. It also fixes a really annoying bug where the app might insist that your library was full when it wasn’t.

Featured Friday: Before they were filmed

Every Friday this summer, we’re featuring exclusive scripts in Weekend Read. This weekend’s scripts include early drafts of The Spectacular Now, Erin Brockovich and an unproduced Black List script.

Weekend Read: Featured Fridays

Every Friday this summer, we’ll be featuring exclusive scripts in Weekend Read. This weekend’s scripts include National Treasure, I Fucked James Bond, and my pilot Chosen.

Go ahead and send happy support emails

Most of the support emails we get are about problems. Something isn’t working right, or is confusing, and a customer needs help. Roughly once a week, we’ll get a support email that is, well, supportive. So I thought I’d single two of them them out, both to thank the users who took the time to write them and encourage everyone to tell developers when things are great.

Highland and Weekend Read get updates

Our two major screenwriting apps have updates out this week, fixing minor bugs and annoyances.

Midseason Finale

Craig and John wrap up many plotlines from previous episodes, with follow-up on Three Page Challenges, diversity numbers, Road Runner and other rules, plus the Gravity lawsuit in light of the Blurred Lines verdict.

Weekend Read 1.5 now in beta, adds iPad and iCloud support

Weekend Read, our app for reading screenplays on the iPhone, will be adding two much-requested features in the next major update: iPad support and syncing through iCloud.

Screenplays on the Kindle, 2015 edition

A screenwriter friend just emailed me to ask how she could get one of her scripts to look good on the Kindle. You can’t. It’s the wrong tool for the job.

Weekend Read, for your consideration

Weekend Read, our app for reading screenplays on the iPhone, now features scripts from 21 of this year’s award contenders.

Writer Emergency Pack, and the secret history thereof

After four years of discussion, three complete do-overs and two print runs, we finally launched Writer Emergency Pack. It’s a deck full of useful ideas to help get your story unstuck.

Internationalizing Bronson

Bronson Watermarker PDF is our first effort at internationalizing an app. The process was mostly smooth, but not without some surprises.

Why did Weekend Read spike?

This past Friday, download numbers for Weekend Read shot through the roof for no apparent reason.

Me on Mac Power Users

I’m the guest on the new episode of the Mac Power Users podcast, discussing my writing workflow, the Scriptnotes podcast, and the apps makes.

Making the App Store better

David Smith has compiled a list of recommendations for making the App Store experience better, including a better way to handle refunds.

Weekend Read knows what page you’re on

Just in time for the weekend, we have an update for Weekend Read. It’s free in the App Store.

Folders, tags, and keeping things tidy

Yesterday, two users separately asked for folders in Weekend Read. It’s something we’re considering, but it’s a significant UI challenge, so I thought I’d talk through some of the issues in blog form.

Opening a script from in Mail in Weekend Read

One of the most common uses of Weekend Read is to open a script someone has emailed you. Unfortunately, that’s a challenging thing to implement well given iOS restrictions.

On Rotation

Going through the apps on my first few screens, I realized that landscape on the iPhone is far from universal.


John and Craig discuss how you create a fictional universe for your story, and the limits of how much can fit on the page. From location to language to wardrobe, choosing which details to make explicit is a crucial early decision. Too little detail and the reader doesn’t know how your story is special; too much detail and the story gets lost.

Highland 1.6 uses the force

Highland 1.6 features all the improvements to PDF-melting from Weekend Read, including better support for PDFs created with Fade In and Celtx.