Less IMDb

Less IMDb needs a new home

Less IMDb, our browser extension for making IMDb less cluttered and more useful, was the very first app we made.1 Here’s what I wrote back in 2010: They’ve made it more difficult to do the one thing I come to IMDb to do: look at credits. New sections for photos, videos and trivia (star signs!) […]

Less IMDb gets unbroken

Less IMDb, our browser extension for de-cluttering IMDb pages, recently broke. Version 1.3.1 restores the magic.

Phil Coulson and the failure of IMDb

If you click over to my IMDb profile, you’ll see two new projects: “Phil Coulson: Agent of Shield” and “Coulson’s Day Off.” I’m listed under the writer section, having contributed characters. Only I didn’t. At all.

Less IMDb: Faster and cleaner than ever

Version 1.2 of our browser plug-in makes IMDb approximately one billion times better.