Weekend Read knows what page you’re on

Just in time for the weekend, we have an update for Weekend Read. It’s free in the App Store.

Highland 1.7: faster, leaner, smarter

Highland, our award-winning screenwriting app for the Mac, has a major update today. It’s available in the Mac App Store.

Fountain for coders, or the joy of writing

Charles Forman, whose company OMGPOP developed Draw Something, is writing a screenplay in Fountain, and developing new tools along the way.

The Deal with the Deal

John and Craig talk with WGA President Chris Keyser about the tentative deal reached between writers and the studios, and why it’s more groundbreaking than it might appear at first glance.

Folders, tags, and keeping things tidy

Yesterday, two users separately asked for folders in Weekend Read. It’s something we’re considering, but it’s a significant UI challenge, so I thought I’d talk through some of the issues in blog form.

Opening a script from in Mail in Weekend Read

One of the most common uses of Weekend Read is to open a script someone has emailed you. Unfortunately, that’s a challenging thing to implement well given iOS restrictions.

On Rotation

Going through the apps on my first few screens, I realized that landscape on the iPhone is far from universal.


John and Craig discuss how you create a fictional universe for your story, and the limits of how much can fit on the page. From location to language to wardrobe, choosing which details to make explicit is a crucial early decision. Too little detail and the reader doesn’t know how your story is special; too much detail and the story gets lost.

Highland 1.6 uses the force

Highland 1.6 features all the improvements to PDF-melting from Weekend Read, including better support for PDFs created with Fade In and Celtx.

Weekend Read gains new powers, new scripts

Weekend Read 1.0.2 greatly improves PDF reading and adds a lot of new content. The app is free in the App Store.

Weekend Read: Learning from Launch

The response to Weekend Read has been terrific, and we’ve already learned a lot.

Scanning scripts on your iPhone with Weekend Read + Prizmo

With two iPhone apps, you can go from a printed screenplay to one customized for your phone in Weekend Read.

Procrastination and Pageorexia

Craig and John get in your head to talk procrastination, pageorexia and generalized anxiety. They also move beyond the psychopathology to discuss all the changes in the industry, from cable mergers to lawsuits to disruptive technologies. You’re not as paranoid as you think you are.

Introducing Weekend Read

We have a new app. It’s called Weekend Read. It’s for reading scripts on your iPhone, and it’s free on the App Store right now.

Period Space

John and Craig tackle the greatest controversy in screenwriting: how many spaces to put after the period. From there, it’s follow-up on the Final Draft episode, including some behind-the-scene details.

Final Draft and WGA registration

On their website, Final Draft claims to be the preferred format for WGA registration. But that doesn’t gibe with the WGA’s own site.

The One with the Guys from Final Draft

The makers of Final Draft pay us a visit to clear up John and Craig’s misconceptions of, well, everything. It’s double the umbrage for your money.

Fountain 1.1 — “Use The Force”

Proposed changes in Fountain 1.1 focus on letting users force Lyric, Character and Action elements.

Highland wins 2013 Macworld Eddy

The editors of Macworld named Highland, our plain-text screenwriting app, one of the best products of 2013.

The Scriptnotes App

Scriptnotes now has an app for iOS and Android. It’s free for both platforms.

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend’s Screenwriter

Writer/director/actor/comedian Mike Birbiglia joins John and Craig to talk about writing for yourself, and how his one-man shows have translated into his films Sleepwalk With Me and My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. We talk movies and television, stand-up and screenplays, and the upside of failure.

Writing in Fountain on the iPad, using Editorial

Editorial is one of the slickest text editors for the iPad, and thanks to some clever Python scripting, it can now show previews of Fountain scripts.

Shift-return, Highland’s little helper

At the end of a line in Highland, if you hit shift-return rather than just return, you’ll make the entire line uppercase. It’s useful for character names, scene headings and transitions.

Why I like writing in Fountain

For the past 18 months, I’ve been doing all my new writing in Fountain rather than a heavyweight screenwriting app. I love it. I made a screencast to explain why it’s better.

How to convert a PDF to Final Draft

Screenwriters often find themselves with PDF of a screenplay when they actually need a Final Draft (.fdx) file that they can edit. Here are three ways to convert from PDF to fdx, ranging from painful to sublime.