We try to keep the Scriptnotes podcast relatively PG, something you could safely listen to in the car with your kids. But some topics and some guests need a wider range of vocabulary to suit the subject, which is why Craig and I have long talked about doing a dirty episode.

That time has come.

In this very-NSFW bonus episode, we sit down with writer-actress Rebel Wilson and author-columnist Dan Savage to talk sex, television, swearing, and poop.

Rebel and Dan were on our normal show this week as well, but the contents of the dirty show are all new and all filthy. It’s 68 minutes of stuff you won’t hear anywhere else.

This special episode is available only on the premium feed, which you can find at scriptnotes.net. The premium feed is $1.99 per month, and includes access to the entire back catalog and occasional bonus episodes like this one.1 It’s how we pay for editing, hosting, and transcripts of every episode.

Huge thanks to our 1,000+ premium subscribers, and to Dan and Rebel for joining us.

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