Tickets for the live episode of Scriptnotes in New York just went on sale. If you’re worried about missing out, get one and come back.

The show will be Monday, September 23rd at 8pm at New World Stages, on 50th between 8th and 9th. Tickets are $10 each. You can get them at the box office and save a $6 Telecharge fee.1

The LA show sold out in four minutes, but I doubt that’ll happen in New York.

Our very special guest will be Big Fish’s lyricist/composer Andrew Lippa, who will join us for a discussion of writing for the stage, writing with a partner, and John’s worst habits.

We’ll have special surprises and a cash bar around the corner, so join us if you can.

  1. We had to use Telecharge because of theater contracts. Grumble.