One Too Many Mornings, the Sundance movie I wrote about last week, just debuted at Park City and online. I watched it — the $9.99 HD download — and would recommend it to many readers of this blog. It’s lo-fi funny, a mumblecore Swingers, with a refreshingly clear sense of what it is.

The movie’s achievably ambitious. The team figured out exactly what assets they had, and how to maximize those strengths. More crucially, they sliced away a lot of the cruft that usually comes along with shaggy indie films. There are no guns, no teary poems, no bad fathers. Its protagonists are a wuss and an asshole, but the script lets them be more than that.

And it looks great, largely thanks to its black and white photography.

Could anyone pick up a camera and make a movie like this? No. There’s talent required. But the film is great example of how little actual money you need to make an honest-to-God movie.

The film’s distribution strategy — allowing viewers to buy it online, or rent it on YouTube — makes it simple for aspiring filmmakers to check it out.