I’ll be moderating two panels for Film Independent this February at The Landmark in West LA.

February 3rd
The Creative Collaboration – Moderator John August and panelists Jason Reitman (Up in the Air), editor Dana Glauberman, cinematographer Eric Steelberg and other members of the creative team will spend an evening exploring the collaborative process that takes a film from script to screen, including: research, production design, lighting, camera placement, and more.

February 10th
Sound Design – Moderator John August will converse with directors and sound designers about creating a powerful film soundtrack, from sound effects and location sound to the final mix. Panelists to be announced.1

The panels are part of a month-long series that include discussions about acting, casting and comedy. Passes for the whole thing are available online.

  1. I know who they’re trying to get, and if happens, I will do a Snoopy dance.