Todd Sklar, who last year wrote up his experiences touring his indie feature Box Elder, is back with a new tour and a new name: Range Life.

This year, he and his cohorts are taking eight movies around the country, in sort of a traveling film festival. The site gives all the info about dates, locations and the films.1 The fall tour is nearly wrapped up, with only LA, Vegas and Arizona dates left.

I recently hosted a panel for Film Independent talking about the challenges facing indie distribution, and the Range Life model is one I’d love to see work. Not only is it a chance to get these movies on big screens, it allows filmmakers the chance to sell DVDs and merchandise directly, much like a touring band. I hope to have him write up his experiences with this expanded version.

  1. One of the movies, Mystery Team, effectively scratches one entry off my to-write-someday list. That’s okay. It looks funny.