I’ll release sales info for The Variant on Monday, but I wanted to offer up one bit this afternoon in case data-miners were inspired to do something with it over the weekend.

Sales of the Kindle version are pretty opaque; I only know totals. But the downloadable versions (pdf and ePub) give me names and shipping addresses. I was curious how many readers were international, particularly since Amazon’s Kindle is U.S.-only. (The answer: 37%.)

There may be other interesting things to explore and/or mash up, so I’ve stripped out identifying information and uploaded it in Excel and .csv formats. The file shows only transaction date/time, initials, city, state, postal code and country.1

If you do something interesting with the data, leave a link.

  1. Originally, I was going to include first name, which adds a nice degree of personality. But in a couple of cases, I worried that it was too individualizing, particularly with unusual names in smaller towns.