alaska highwayAt some point when I have a few free days, I’ll go through and update the Projects section like I keep threatening to. In the meantime, I’ve added two additional television scripts for download.

Backstory: For the 2003 television pilot season, I created a show called “The Circle” for Touchstone/ABC. It was a one-hour drama about law enforcement in Alaska. Unlike the movie Insomnia, which focused on a “small town” police department, the real Alaska doesn’t even have that level of law enforcement. It’s much more provincial, with state troopers and magistrates. Pretty much any murder in the state is investigated by a single team based out of Anchorage.

We shot a pilot in British Columbia, directed by the hugely talented Kim Manners of X-Files fame. The regular cast included Brad Johnson, Dahlia Salem, Michael Ironside and Gary Farmer.

The pilot turned out well, and the studio asked for two additional scripts — one of which I wrote, the other written by Matt Pyken and Michael Berns, writers I’d worked with on my first TV show. The whole thing was a good experience. Alas, we didn’t get picked up. But on the whole, I’d rather have made a pilot I’m proud of than a series I’m not.

There are two scripts here to read. The first is the pilot, titled “My Three Sons.” The second is “Gravedigger,” which would would have been the second or third episode. (The show wasn’t very serialized.)



During production, ABC kept referring to the show as “Alaska,” so that’s ultimately what we ended up calling it. I still prefer “The Circle,” however.